Sopporto: WinTV-HVR-935 / WinTV-HVR-930C

Scarica WinTV v10

WinTV v10 pacchetto applicazione e Drive per Windows

Questo download comprende l’applicazione WinTV v10, incluso il driver Windows per il supporto di tutti i prodotti WinTV ed utilities.

Note per l’Installazione di WinTV v10:

Sarà necessario utilizzare un Codice di Attivazione per WinTV v10 per installare questa versione di WinTV v10. Un codice di attivazione valido per WinTV v8.5 o WinTV v8 non può essere utilizzato per l’attivazione di WinTV v10.

Se non disponete di un codice di Attivazione valido per WinTV v10, puoi acquistare un nuovo codice di attivazione per WinTV v10 tramite il nostro Hauppauge webstore.

Se avete acquistato un codice di Attivazione per WinTV v10 con Extend dal nostro Hauppauge Webstore, verrà installata l’ultima versione di WinTV v10 con Extend

WinTV v10 installer
Per Windows 11, 10, 8, e 7 | Versione: 40166 | File size: 150 MB | Date: 15.06.2022
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Ora con la registrazione NAS!
Tutti gli attuali Prodotti Hauppauge WinTV sono perfettamente compatibili con il nuovo sistema operativo Windows 11!

Instruzioni per l’installazione di WinTV v10

WinTV v10 installerà prima i driver per Windows poi in seguito installerà l’applicazione WinTV v10.

  • Passo 1: Download il file WinTV v10 installer cliccando sul tasto di download sopra. WinTV v10 installer normalmente viene scaricato nella cartella Download del vostro PC
  • Passo 2: Avviare wintv10setup dalla cartella Download del vostro PC. A meta circa dell’installazione apparirà un messaggio dove vi verrà chiesto d’inserire il codice di attivazione.
  • Passo 3: Nella schermata di Richiesta di Attivazione, cliccare su Inserire Codice di Attivazione ed inserire il codice di attivazione che vi è stato inviato via E-mail dopo l’acquisto o che avete trovato scritto nel Coupon di attivazione WinTV v10 presente nel vostro prodotto originale. Non è necessario inserire i trattini è possibile utilizzare caratteri maiuscoli o minuscoli.
  • Passo 4: Quando l’installazione sara completata troverete l’icona WinTV sul desktop di Windows. Eseguite un doppio click sull’icona WinTV e l’applicazione si avvierà. Al Primo avvio l’applicazione WinTV v10 avvierà la procedura di scelta e scansione dei canali automaticamente.

Windows driver

Windows driver for the WinTV-HVR-935

This is an updated driver only package for the WinTV-HVR-935 (all models)

Driver 36075

Windows driver for the WinTV-HVR930C (16XXX) (not for the WinTV-HVR-935)

This is an updated driver only package for the HVR-930C (16xxx)

Driver 38260

This will be part of WinTV v10 38262 or higher.

To install the latest Windows driver only:

Leave your WinTV-HVR-930C/WinTV-HVR-935 plugged into your PC. Follow the following steps:

  • Download the WinTV-HVR-930/935 driver update from above.
  • Click to install. This will install the WinTV-HVR-93x Windows driver.
  • At the completion of the driver install, you should see a message which says Drivers have been updated successfully.
  • At this point, the Windows driver will be installed.

Risoluzione dei problemi del sintonizzatore TV

The reception of TV channels in the WinTV application is dependent upon two things:

Good signal 92%

Strong Signal 92%

Good signal 90%

Good signal 90%

Good signal 82%

Good signal 82%

OK signal 75%

OK signal 75%
  • you need to have a strong enough TV signal for the Hauppauge TV tuner to achieve 'signal lock'. Once a TV channel has a signal strong enough to 'lock', it will appear in the Channel list during the channel scan. This often means that your TV aerial needs to be in the "line of sight" from the transmitter. If there is a building blocking the TV signal coming from the transmitter, you might not be able to achieve "channel lock".
  • once the TV channel appears in the Channel List, it also needs a signal strong enough so that the WinTV application can display a clear TV picture. We sometimes hear that there are channels which appear in the TV channel list but cannot be watched (frozen image, black screen or an image with lots of defects). This is due to the channel having just enough 'strength' to achieve lock, but not strong enough for a good TV image to be displayed.

The signal strength is related to the size (and quality) of the TV aerial, and the 'line of sight' to the transmitter. If you have a large TV aerial but it is not pointed toward the TV transmitter, the TV signal will be weak and may not be received.

In addition, please check the TV aerial connections to the Hauppauge TV tuner. If the connector is not securely plugged in, then signal loss will occur and you will not get an optimal TV pciture.

When TV channels cannot be received or if the TV quality is poor, here are a couple of things you can try:

Using the Hauppauge 'stick' TV aerial

The Hauppauge stick TV aerial will work up to roughly 10 miles from the transmitter, and needs an unobstructed line of sight to the transmitter. Otherwise a larger TV aerial will provide better results.

Symptoms of needing a larger (better quality) TV aerial include scanning for channels in WinTV works, but when trying to watch a channel, they may achieve tuning 'lock' but the TV signal breaks up heavily.

If you cannot use an outdoor TV aerial, you might need an indoor TV aerial with a booster.

Receiving TV in an apartment

You can use either 'stick' TV aerials or flat TV aerials when you are in an apartment. In general, you will get good reception as long as your TV aerial is 'pointing' toward the TV transmitter.

  • place your TV aerial in a window, as high from the floor as possible
  • if possible, place the TV aerial facing the direction of the broadcast towers. Over-the-air TV is most effective when it achieves "line of sight" to the transmitters. TV reception will still work without line-of-sight, but then you are dependant upon the TV signal bouncing off of a building or other structure
  • a TV signal booster can sometimes help bring in some of the weaker TV channels.

We recommend the purchase of a portable amplified TV aerial for indoor or outdoor use to be connected to the WinTV product to ensure correct reception of the TV channels.

Receiving TV at a home

When you are using a Hauppauge TV tuner to watch TV at home, most times you are further from the TV transmitter and a larger TV aerial is needed.

  • outdoor TV aerials will perform better than indoor TV aerials
  • if possible, use an outside TV aerial located as high from the ground as possible
  • if using an indoor TV aerial place it near a window or wall facing the direction of the broadcast towers
  • a TV signal booster can sometimes help provide better reception for the weaker TV channels